Sonny & Donna Kinsey PortraitDear Friends,

  Since May of 1974, my wife Donna and I have been committed to serving Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord. We have been led by Him as best we know and believe His word for our life's work.

  First, He directed us to a local radio station to proclaim the Good News of Jesus and His Word. We also witnessed in many churches and meetings and also with a singing ministry in any places. Always we wanted to bring honor and glory to the Lord and let others know of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This was not without many prayers and much fasting. Never do we wish to offend. Our desire is to let others know how much Jesus loves them and died for them that they might have a home in heaven one day with Him. We want to reach many for His kingdom.

About the Poems

You may listen to audio recordings of our testimonies about the poems that you will find on this website.

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